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Eyecatcher – Video

Adbreak not only handles strategy, but also the purchasing and creatives of your video advertising campaigns.Our video advertising product, which we call Eyecatcher, is an ideal way to increase the bond with the brand, increase brand awareness or launch a specific product. Eyecatcher has a great added value when looking at KPIs such as fire uplift, viewability and interaction.


Hands on - Mobile

Attract your potential customers anytime, any place and anywhere.
Our success lays on being in the right place at the right time with a message that fits the context of that moment. Adbreak analyzes and understands the behavior of the target group and, build its mobile strategy in the light of these data.


Traditional - Desktop

Adbreak achieves a guaranteed reach, by providing media buying both programmatically via RTB (Real Time Bidding) and direct placements of private market places with the lowest possible CPM rates. Adbreak's aim on display is to increase visibility and effective usage of budgets.
We use our informative control panels based on KPIs to select appropriate techniques and provide and improve information for each client.