With the variety of the industries we work with, we merge your content with our data and inventory to increase your traffic, visibility and revenue. Tailored, user friendly ad placements to better monetization. We offer %100 Fill Rate to all publishers across the inventory you have and this lets you monetize more with higher CPM rates.

Choose between various, high converting ad types which fit your website and content. Monetize the website traffic you have with best converting offers, get higher CPMs.

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Reach the refined and segmentated audience with quality produced creatives across multi DSP platforms with Adbreak. 

With one of our advanced programmatic technique, Header Bidding, lets you offer your inventory to multiple Ad Exchanges simultaneously, to increase your yield and profit. 

Adbreak’s technology optimizes the ads to keep viewability on top. Higher viewability means higher conversion rates and brand lift. 

Adbreak’s technology converts data into information, which leads to knowledge and adequate action. Adbreak collects and analyzes the data gathered, to segment the inventory for the ad exchange. 

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