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Leverage our all-in-one platform to maximize ad revenue and enhance user experience across diverse engagements.

Welcome to Adbreak SSP

Step into a realm where every impression matters, every bid is smart, and every ad format competes fairly. Discover the power of our advanced tools designed to redefine your inventory control and amplify your revenue. Dive in and witness the transformation.

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Ad Journey: Transformed

Adbreak harnesses the power of world-class demand, transformative technology, and sophisticated PMPs to help you take your ad experience and revenue generation to new heights.

We don’t just connect you with any brands, we connect you with the best. Your site visitors will experience the difference as we tap into the demand from the world’s most respected brands.

Each stage of the ad journey, from the impression request to its final appearance on the page, is infused with our cutting-edge technology. The result? Boosted performance and increased earnings for you.

Our devoted team of experts work round the clock on setup, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Their goal? To activate premium audience, marketplace, and inventory packages, ensuring you benefit from higher performance and efficiency.

Bridging the Gap to High-Value Bidders

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Adbreak stands as a robust and reliable partner for publishers. Our strategic partnerships with leading DSPs worldwide ensure that you’re always connected to the best bidders. This means more competition for your ad space, higher bid prices, and ultimately, more revenue for you. Experience the Adbreak difference and unlock the full potential of your ad inventory.

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Leverage AI to Maximize Your Ad Performance

Adbreak’s proprietary technology is meticulously designed to enhance the process from start to finish. Our deep learning algorithms help you save time, money, and resources, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Smart Pricing: Determine best floor price per impression.
Smart Targeting: Identify DSP-preferred impressions to boost bid success.
Smart Ads: Normalize bids across formats for balanced competition.