Our Activity

Brands, e-commerce sites, and other advertisers (collectively, “Advertisers”) are assisted by Adbreak in promoting their goods and services. We do this by giving Advertisers the tools they need to customize their campaigns, offers, and/or content to the audiences they want to reach. As a result, you may see advertisements on our partners’ websites, mobile applications, and other platforms (referred to as “Publishers” or “Partners”).

How do our services work?

Any information that directly identifies you, such as your first and last name, postal address, email address in plain text, etc., is not used by Adbreak.

We may be able to gather a small amount of information about your browsing activities when you use a mobile application or website operated by an Advertiser that makes use of our technologies, such as the products you have looked at, added to your shopping cart, and purchased. Learn more about the kinds of data that Adbreak collects. Depending on your navigation environment, this navigation data is associated with a specific identifier, such as an identification cookie or any other comparable technology (such as mobile advertising IDs and non-cookie technologies).

In order to present you with targeted advertising when you browse a Publisher’s website or mobile application that also makes use of our technology, the Publisher notifies us, either directly or through an advertiser exchange. The Adbreak technology may choose to buy that ad space after consulting with our Advertisers.

When utilizing our technology, the advertising that you see from our partners is based on our recommendation algorithms.