Tuning Into the Future: The Rise of In-Game Audio Advertising

Gamers have previously shown a strong preference for in-game audio: according to a research, 75% of consumers prefer audio advertisements within games over video and banner ads that pause gameplay.

A big part of the allure of audio is this: while gameplay, audio ads take over the game’s soundtrack at specific intervals, replacing banner ads or full-screen pop-up videos. For instance, a user can play their game while also learning about a brand-new commodity or service.

Every player is still playing the game while an audio advertisement plays: It’s evident that audio ads have no negative impact on gameplay, as evidenced by the fact that 100% of consumers surveyed by Go Live Test continued to play.

Each player who hears an audio ad featuring a clickable banner is reminded of the brand. The focus group that Go Live Test put together saw the audio banner advertisement on the screen, and 100% of the players could remember what was being advertised.

However, advertisements that interfere with players’ experiences have the power to drive them away from the game, decreasing player engagement and retention and maybe creating unfavorable connections with a particular brand.

By playing in the background as a user plays and letting gamers listen to the audio advertisements have the potential to increase revenue and ad engagement without interfering with gaming. Since the gaming experience is not interrupted, it ensures brand retention rather than leaving a negative brand impression on players. In addition to that  This seamless experience is what makes audio advertising in games so appealing.